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Abidjan (12")
Cat: HC 55. Rel: 25 Apr 18
Nan Ye Li Kan (Afro Beat) (4:49)
Abidjan (Biguine) (5:48)
 in stock $23.05
AIE (12")
Cat: PN 001RP. Rel: 14 Apr 22
AIE (The LL club mix) (7:20)
AIE (The LL dub) (5:38)
Review: "A.I.E" is arguably one of the most famous tracks by French Guinean band "La Compagnie Creole". While the 1987 original version was a typically joyous chunk of tropical, synth-heavy zouk, it's the lesser-known Larry Levan remixes - commissioned and released by Island Records America in 1988 - that are being reissued here. Levan's bustling "LL Club Mix" can be found on the A-side. It's a cheery affair, with the band's jangling guitars, strong vocals and bubbly synths being joined by elongated organ chords and snappy, club-ready machine drums. Arguably even better is Levan's chant-a-long flipside dub, which naturally gives more prominence to delay-laden drums, a killer zouk bassline and the sustained organ chords.
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Tags: Disco House | Dub | French | Caribbean | Zouk
 in stock $16.69
Detends Toi
Detends Toi (LP reeditado)
Cat: CSMR 01. Rel: 03 Apr 24
Plus Vite (4:18)
Realite (5:31)
Pourquois (Why) (5:27)
Detends-toi (6:19)
Sentimentale (4:36)
Detends-toi (dub) (5:05)
Review: Four new originals from French Berlin-based singer and JD Stella Zekri, whose low-range, buzzing vocals are lent happily to a selection of cloudy electronic Latin beats. Produced and co-written by Ed Longo, it draws heavily on the post-zouk and disco styles endemic to the 80s French underground; our choice bit is the offbeat boogizm heard on the sonic ponderance: 'Pourquoi (Why)'.

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Tags: Balearic Disco | French | Zouk
 in stock $20.92
Mizik Bel
Mizik Bel (12")
Cat: FVR 156. Rel: 16 Sep 19
Mizik Bel (5:13)
Mizik Bel (Africaine 808 remix) (8:17)
Review: A while back, Africaine 808's DJ Nomad contacted Favorite Recordings' chief Pascal Rioux about a killer track he'd been given some years back - an obscure, previously CD-R only fusion of modern Gwo-ka and Zouk by Esnard Boisdur entitled "Mizik Bel". Rioux was excited by what he heard and agreed that the track should come out on vinyl, accompanied by a fresh rework by Nomad and Dirk Leyers as Africaine 808. Boisdur's original version (side A) is rhythmically dense but also cheery and life affirming, with celebratory chorus vocals and 80s zouk style synth lines subtly rising above a busy, all-action groove. Arguably even better is the sub-heavy Africaine 808 mix, which brilliantly re-imagines the track as a tasty chunk of tropical house/disco-zouk fusion.
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 in stock $17.74
Anthology Pt 2
Cat: ENDLESSFLIGHT 80. Rel: 30 Aug 18
Georges Decimus - "Sika" (4:37)
Jean Claude Naimro - "Aveou Doudou" (4:38)
Georges Decimus - "Sika" (Kuniyuki edit) (7:37)
Patrick Saint Eloi - "Do Bay Lan Main" (3:47)
 in stock $14.03
Melodies Record Club 003: Hunee Selects
Cat: MRC 3. Rel: 08 Dec 22
Digital Justice - "Theme From "It's All Gone Pearshaped"" (12:12)
Dorothy Ashby - "For Some We Loved" (4:04)
Frantz Tuernal - "Koultans" (5:55)
Review: Melodies International is a real favourite label here at Juno HQ, headed up famously by Floating Points and finds including Mafalda. The third volume of their Melodies record Club is as good as anything the label has put out to date: it features a trio of jazz cuts selected by the one and only Hunee. First is Digital Justice's 'Theme From "It's All Gone Pearshaped"', a 13 minute live jam packed with synth action. On the flip is a spiritual piece from harpist Dorothy Ashby and Frantz Tuernal's 'Koultans'. Says Hunee, "these three distinct pieces of music tap into different layers of my memory."
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 in stock $12.70
French Disco Boogie Sounds Vol 4: 1977-1991
Cat: FVR150 LP. Rel: 21 Nov 19
Dwight Druick - "Georgy Porgy" (Disco version) (5:44)
Marco Attali - "J'ai Pris Une Claque" (unreleased) (3:24)
Serge Delisle - "Germaine" (remix) (6:28)
Wai Kop - "Lola" (3:51)
Chris O'Hara - "Sur Les Coussins De La Discotheque" (5:27)
Acayouman - "Funk Around" (6:21)
Djeneba - "Better Day" (Hard Soul mix) (5:28)
David Simon - "Transistor" (instrumental) (5:14)
Marco Attali - "La Releve Du Matin" (instrumental) (4:27)
Shen Et Les Shendys - "Je Ne Suis Que Musique" (3:50)
Eric Chotteau - "Affirmatif-Negatif" (4:20)
Cyrill - "Night Ghetto" (2:57)
Aries - "Braziliana" (3:54)
Review: As he has done three times before, Gallic crate digger Charles Maurice has dipped into his vast record collection and offered up a killer selection of French disco-boogie sounds. The 13 assembled tracks are mostly obscure and uniformly superb, making picking individual highlights an infuriatingly tricky task. Our favourites change daily, but we're currently enjoying the tropical disco brilliance of Dwight Druick's cover of "Georgy Peorgy (Disco Version)", the synth-sporting electrofunk cheeriness of Serge Delisle's "Germaine (Remix)", the thrusting P-funk hustle of Acayouman's "Funk Around" and the near Balearic warmth of "Braziliana" by Aries. As the old expression (sort of) goes, Maurice has once again delivered all killer and no filler.
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Tags: Balearic Disco | French | Zouk
 in stock $24.10
Nina EP
Nina EP (12")
Cat: RNTR 060. Rel: 20 Jun 23
Nina (feat Farafi) (6:33)
Sisters (feat Les Amazones D'Afrique) (4:59)
Nina (Elado remix) (6:59)
Nina (Voilaaa remix) (4:54)
Review: London's Rose Robinson aka Tigerbalm delivers a stunning debut EP on New York's Razor-N-Tape, showcasing her versatile and soulful sound. 'Nina' arrives in three different mixes, all infused with her smooth vocals and lush keys.The original is a low slung affair (feat Farafi) that provides ample mood music, while the thumping Elado mix sets its eyes on the main room, and finally the Voilaaa remix is definitely our favourite - which infuses Afro boogie elements for one seriously infectious version.
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 in stock $16.42
Discotecas 003
Cat: DISCOT 003. Rel: 23 May 23
Move (5:20)
Like Syrup (5:20)
Take It (5:54)
Always Forever (8:14)
Review: The freshest 12" Balearic vinyl release on the block comes courtesy of Discotecas, a label who prefer to home in on underground house and Balearic edits. The release features four tracks: 'Move', 'Like Syrup', 'Take It' and 'Always Forever', all of which are essentially lost vestiges of well-known songs. Some parts are genuine edits, sometimes they aren't and instead function as made-from-scratch imitations, but that's part of the art. Whether or not they're built on wholly original samples is superfluous - as long as the tracks pique the brain's deja-vu receptors, as they do with, their slap-basses, clavey shakers, and sultry beachside vocals, then we're good.
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 in stock $15.35
DB12 009
DB12 009 (12")
Cat: DB12 009. Rel: 14 Aug 23
Franz Scala - "For Me" (6:11)
Cw - "Mind Zouk" (6:25)
Der Sexa - "Gabi Plane" (6:12)
Talking Drums - "DMNB" (7:06)
Review: Duca Bianco is back with one of its special various artists' releases, and a mighty fine one it is too. This one finds four guest producers all with their finest studio tools sharpened and ready for action. Two of the artists are well known but use new alias - one is Israeli synth and psyche wizards Red Axes who work their magic as Der Sexa on 'Gabi Plane' and another is Beauty & The Beat party man Cedric Woo as CW. He gets nice and twisted here while the other two cuts - one from Italo king Franz Scala who builds slow new wave funk, and one from Manchester's renowned edit kings Talking Drums who offer some lovely leftfield madness on 'DMNB', all make for crucial listening.

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 in stock $13.51
Tension Hot Shot
Cat: CDHR 01. Rel: 21 Dec 22
Tension Hot-Shot (2022 club mix) (6:23)
Tension Hot-Shot (Manoo Afro-Disco mix) (9:15)
Laissez Yo (Black Nation ExtraHot mix) (6:36)
Roule (Manoo Caribbean mix) (7:47)
 in stock $16.16
Funky Baby Love
Cat: FVR 185. Rel: 07 Nov 22
Paul Fathy - "Funky Baby Love" (3:21)
Corail' - "Karukera C'est Comme Ca" (4:13)
Review: Favourite step up with a 7" of two distinct halves, digging some niche funk cuts up from hidden corners. Leading up on the A side is Paul Fathy with 'Funky Baby Love', which was originally the flip to his 1982 single Je N'Speak Que L'Amour. The track is a pristine slice of disco funk in the Shalamar tradition which can't fail to get a floor filled up good and proper. That track is backed up with 'Karukera C'est Comme ca', a sunkissed slice of zouk goodness from Guadeloupe in 1988 by Corail' - the kind of thing you could imagine Palms Trax rinsing out during a feel-good day time session somewhere on the Adriatic coast.
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Intérprete: Charles Maurice
Tags: Disco Funk | French | Caribbean | Zouk
 in stock $14.82
DB12 015
DB12 015 (12")
Cat: DB12 015. Rel: 11 Sep 23
Karambolage (6:41)
Six Times Seven (8:09)
Ou Ka Jis Fe Kole (7:17)
Nzimbab (8:33)
Review: The Duca Bianco label swerves its usual various artists' format to allow CW - who has appeared on those before - to step up with his own solo EP. He is a mysterious artist but is well known for his immersive record collection and legendary sets on the London scene. He is one-third of the Beauty & The Beat party and brings his unique twists of Afro and soul to this quartet of tunes. 'Karambolage' opens up with lots of big horns and noodling string sounds over a ramshackle beat then things take a cosmic turn on the rather more psychedelic 'Six Times Seven' with its Nippon-koku polyriddims, while 'Ou Ka Jis Fe Kole' is a party starter with a Zouk dub edge and 'Nzimbab' is built on a low slung and swaggering rhythm.

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 in stock $14.03
Soul Tropical
Soul Tropical (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: HS 238VL. Rel: 06 Mar 23
Gimme Love (feat K O G) (3:51)
No One (Captain Planet Disco edit) (4:51)
Jodia (5:21)
Toxic Tropic (feat Anthony Joseph/La Reyna) (3:18)
Light (4:02)
Di Yo (feat Flavia Coelho) (4:10)
Vanse Carnival (4:39)
La VI A Bel (2:51)
An Lot Soley (feat Ballake Sissoko/Vincent Segal) (4:38)
Soul Tropical (3:43)
Don't U (4:24)
Night In Madinina (3:05)
Kle (feat Ballake Sissoko/Vincent Segal) (4:19)
Review: David Walters's new album Soul Tropical on French label Heavenly Sweetness is perfectly titled. It is a lush collection of soul so tropical you feel as if you're dancing deep in a steamy jungle as the music uplifts and truly nourishes. It draws on his family heritage in the West Indies and finds David once again singing about this famous string of sun-kissed islands across 13 joyful cuts. These are tracks with rich arrangements and plenty of world instruments making a fusion of disco, zouk, Caribbean, Afrobeat and funk that make a lasting impression. An essential album as summer approaches.
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Tags: Disco Funk | Afrobeat | Caribbean | Zouk
 in stock $21.18
Straight From The Decks: Guts Finest Slection From His Famous DJ Sets
Cat: PVS 003CD. Rel: 12 Jul 19
Os Tubaroes - "Tabanca"
Pinduca - "Misturadef Carimbo Com Ciranda"
Evasion 85 - "Van La Ka Vante" (Omar Mendez TD Fix)
Bessoso - "Para Decir Que Te Quiero"
Goma-Laca - "Do Pila" (feat Karina Buhr)
Equipe Radio Cidade - "Bon Tempos"
Voilaaa - "Spies Are Watching Me"
Blyk Tchutchi Loy Dtchutchi - "Mandamento De Deus"
Gordon Henderson - "The Highest Bidder"
Simon Jurad - "Macadam"
Mubashira Mataali Group - "Emaali Ya Bamulekwa" (Orphans Property)
Eko Roosevelt Louis - "Tondoho Mba"
Slim Young - "Otan Hunu"
Jacinta Sanches & Pedro Ramos - "Vizinha Ka Bale"
Andre Marceline - "Candencedisco"
Misumami First Touch - "Prove Your Love"
Alma Luma - "Princesa Isabel"
 in stock $12.70
Wagadu Grooves: The Hypnotic Sound Of Camara 1987-2016
Cat: HTML 010. Rel: 14 Feb 24
Mamadou Tangoudia - "Kori" (7:43)
Halima Kissima Toure - "Koolo Fune" (4:30)
Lassana Hawa Cissokho - "Nogome" (7:39)
Hadja Soumano - "Nteri Diaba" (6:32)
Nainy Diabate - "Sankoy Djeli" (4:56)
Mah Kouyate - "Soso" (7:16)
Halima Kissima Toure - "Alla Da Fo Na" (4:56)
Ami Traore - "Tenedo" (4:19)
Babani Kone - "Soyeba" (5:24)
Kaniba Oule Kouyate - "Songne Bela" (4:49)
Diaby Doua - "Bolinaame" (5:50)
Diobo Fode - "Yexu" (4:54)
Halima Kissima Toure - "Duna" (4:13)
Hadja Soumano - "Ayebo" (5:01)
Review: In 1977, Gaye Mody Camara, a young Soninke raised in Mali's Kayes region, settled in France to found his own empire modelled psychically after the great Soninko empire. Initially selling wax, kola nuts and other goods in his Parisian outlets, he rapidly started distributing cassette tapes and eventually producing a multitude of recordings for his own label, Camara Production. Crossing paths and collaborating over the next four decades with legendary artists, griots and industry moguls like Boncana Maiga and Jean-Philippe Rykiel, Camara became one of the great independent music producers of his generation, and a pillar of the Parisian Soninke diaspora. Released in close collaboration with Camara and with the assistance of Daouda N'diaye, one of A.P.S' (Association pour la Promotion de la langue et de la culture Soninke) historical members, this selection of songs and accompanying notes aim to shed a light on an intricate culture and its modern music, unjustifiably unknown outside of West Africa and the various diasporas around the world.
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Tags: African | Highlife | Zouk
 in stock $34.69
Talon Haut
Cat: ATGN 005. Rel: 09 Nov 23
Talon Haut (4:44)
Ce Bon Comme Sa (Dancefloor edit) (5:38)
Review: Dominican band Midnight Groovers was founded back in the early 1970s and went on to become known as one of the best around at what they did. They have a unique sense of sway and swing and cadence to their music and that is well exemplified by the A-side tune on this new 45 rpm. It makes for a double pronged attack on both body and soul. The flip side 'Ce bon comme ca' features an edit by Dominique Panolm, a singer-songwriter from Guadeloupe who keeps the energy but updates it with a more modern touch that is sure to ignite dan floors. Another superb offering from Atangana Records.
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Tags: Zouk | Gwo Ka
 in stock $23.05
Straight From The Decks 2: Guts Finest Selection From His Famous DJ Sets
Cat: PVS 015CD. Rel: 23 Apr 21
The Dutch Benglos - "Shabi Bi-Di-Do"
Pat Thomas & Kwashibu Area Band - "Yamona" (Dam Swindle remix)
Pupkulies & Rebecca - "Saude"
La Gran Banda Calena - "Que Quiere Que Haga"
Martina Camargo - "Me Robaste El Sueno"
Mackjoss - "Mounadji "76""
Voilaaa - "Limye-A" (feat David Walters, Lass & Pat Kalla)
Jobby Valente - "Mi Moin Mi Ou"
Bande Gamboa - "Pe Di Bissilon" (Dam Swindle remix)
Ngalah Oreyo - "Aye"
Alcione - "Nzambi/Muadiakime"
Ismail & Sixu Toure - "Utammada"
Pat Kalla & Le Super Mojo - "Canette" (BOSQ remix)
Aurelio - "Nando"
Chucho Pinto Y Sus Kassino - "Cumbia De Sal Y Azucar"
Tags: African Disco | African | Latin | Afrobeat | Afro House | Zouk
 in stock $12.98
President EP
Cat: PVS 019VL. Rel: 14 Jun 23
President (Bosq remix) (6:51)
President (original version) (5:49)
Canette (Voilaaa remix) (5:12)
Le Pornographe (Brassens Cover) (3:44)
 in stock $12.70
Roger A Ti Wawa (reissue)
Roger A Ti Wawa (reissue) (180 gram vinyl LP with obi-strip)
Cat: MAR 056. Rel: 25 Jul 22
Oui Ce Yes (Roger A Ti Wawa) (4:53)
Mande Moin On Lajan, Pa Mande Moin Za Fe An Moin (3:50)
Turn Your Face On Me (3:28)
Steel Ka Dance (4:16)
Moin Epi Vou (3:15)
Nsi Ho (Dedie A Notre Pere) (3:57)
Tags: French | Caribbean | Zouk
 in stock $28.07
Esengo (LP)
Cat: CNPYLAP 001. Rel: 14 Feb 24
Topesa Esengo Na Motema (4:48)
My Way (6:23)
Take Me To The Sea (6:39)
Freedom (4:57)
El Ritmo De Londres (6:57)
De Kinshasa A Sona Bata (6:27)
 in stock $23.57
Pa Flipe
Cat: ND 009. Rel: 05 Jul 23
Pa Flipe (5:44)
Marie-Helene (5:16)
Vire Love (4:54)
Detress' (3:50)
Histoire D'amour (5:39)
Songe (Ethiopie-Apartheid) (5:35)
Tags: African | French | Zouk
 in stock $25.41
Analog People Digital World
Cat: CW 005. Rel: 14 Mar 23
Spiritual Masseuse (feat Sumy) (5:28)
Omampam (feat Mariseya) (3:11)
Jah Kingdom (feat Mariseya) (4:06)
Digital World (feat Mariseya) (2:31)
Go Now Wetiko (feat Americo Brito & Mariseya) (5:59)
Roi Salomon (feat Mariseya) (5:24)
Duncan Truffle (3:14)
Review: Niels Nieuborg is Arp Frique, an artist who made a bold and brilliant debut on Rush Hour a few years ago and has never looked back since. His 2018 album Welcome To The Colorful World of Arp Frique showed off his fresh take on disco with a host of collaborators and now he once again lays down the beats while various guests appear on this new EP on Colourful World. Elements of zouk, highlife, Afro-disco and many more worldly rhythms lend these cuts their unique and characterful style. Analog drum machines, kick rhythms and psyched out synths all sit next to great vocals for a kaleidoscopic trip like no other.
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Tags: Nu Disco | African Disco | Highlife | Zouk
 in stock $15.88
Las Pale
Cat: STRUT 195CD. Rel: 30 Nov 18
Las Pale
Kwen Pe Ke Pe
La Guadeloupe
Mwen Ke Rive
Pou Lanmou
Review: Thanks to an upsurge in interest in zouk, the synthesizer-heavy tropical style that emerged from the French Antilles in the early 1980s, reissues of superb but hard to find gems from the style's original heyday are becoming increasingly popular. This one from Strut Records is a peach. Originally released in 1988, "Las Pale" is the sole album from Feeling Kreyol, a female trio from Guadeloupe assembled and produced by local studio buffs Darius Denon and Frankie Brumier. It remains a brilliantly effervescent and colourful set, with the trio adding strong and attractive to distinctively tropical drum machine rhythms, shimmering synths, kaleidoscopic melodies and jangling guitars. In other words, it's a giddy blast of electronic tropical brilliance. Don't sleep.
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Tags: African | French | Zouk
 in stock $9.62
Best Of
Best Of (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: LUS 863011. Rel: 14 Mar 24
Bane (5:38)
Icole (5:41)
Julie (4:54)
Nge (5:51)
Fely (5:26)
Lili (4:53)
Sal' (4:16)
Elie (5:34)
Lina (5:33)
Muetse (6:09)
Lusa (5:21)
Adia (5:25)
Medley (8:00)
Review: Oliver N'Goma was a Gabonese Afro-zouk and soukous singer and guitarist whosadly passed away in 2010, leaving a handful of albums and singles as his musical legacy. His debut album Bane is one of the highest selling African albums of all time and this Best Of collects songs taken from that and other releases, all hand picked by the artist himself a few years before his death. For the very first time, this compilation is now available on vinyl - so, what are you waiting for?!
Read more
Tags: African | Zouk | Soukous
 in stock $25.16
Claiana Vol 1
Cat: FD 041. Rel: 14 Dec 22
Kutchi Nice
Tags: African Disco | Zouk
 in stock $6.70
Cat: UR 840532. Rel: 09 Feb 23
Cantar Cantar
Seu Carnaval
Por Um Amor
Vai Te Curar
Sete Ventos
Menina Me Encanta
Mar De Estrelas
 in stock $13.24
Belle Terre
Belle Terre (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: PVS 023VL. Rel: 21 Dec 23
Belle Terre (4:25)
Aimer (feat Bonbon Vodou) (4:21)
Soldat (3:52)
Fou De Vous (5:03)
Pas Idee (5:18)
Caramel (3:16)
Riviere (feat Rebecca M'Boungou) (5:33)
Reve Danse (feat Olivya Vi) (6:34)
La Tendresse (6:07)
Racontez-Moi Le Monde (7:54)
 in stock $27.81
Karma (CD)
Cat: ON 02CD. Rel: 10 Jun 22
Eti Yo
Fin Di Monde
La Haut Dan Montane La
Can'naval Nou
An Ti Fi
Pa Civilize Moin
Man Pale Mayie
Tags: Latin Jazz | Caribbean | Zouk
 in stock $18.28
Douvan Douvan
Cat: ROW 006LP.
An Nou Pale
Ti Ko
Lot Kote
Pli Loin
Gade Douvan
Kitey Mache
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