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ELIXYR 02 (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: ELIXYR 02. Rel: 10 Jan 19
  1. Airod - "UFO" (6:42)
  2. Airod - "Rave Station" (6:42)
  3. Milo Spykers - "Let Me Hear" (6:46)
  4. Farrago - "Rotor" (4:54)
 in stock $13.01
Ambient Morning
Ambient Morning (cassette + MP3 download code)
Cat: LAMOUR 097KZ. Rel: 05 Feb 20
  1. Ambient Morning (part 1) (30:35)
  2. Ambient Morning (part 2) (30:54)
 in stock $9.02
Classics (CD)
Cat: RS 95035XI. Rel: 05 Oct 11
  1. Digeridoo
  2. Flaphead
  3. Phloam
  4. Isopropanol
  5. Polynomial-C
  6. Tamphex (Hedphuq mix)
  7. Phlange Phace
  8. Dodeccaheedron
  9. Analogue Bubblebath
  10. Metapharstic
  11. We Have Arrived (Aphex Twin QQT mix)
  12. We Have Arrived (Aphex Twin TTQ mix)
  13. Digeridoo (live in Cornwall, 1990)
 in stock $11.47
As One
As One (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: PSI 001. Rel: 29 Jun 20
  1. Sky's The Limit (7:50)
  2. As One (6:51)
  3. Orbiting (6:36)
Review: Strap in for a wild techno ride on the first ever offering from Psionic. The new label kicks off with an EP from Astral Travel. The aptly named artist reaches for beyond the event horizon on "Sky's The Limit", with its punchy kicks and relentlessly wobbly bass. "As One" gets into a nicely mechanical groove built on stomping kicks and rigid synth movements that make for perfectly robotic funk and the trip closes out with "Orbiting." With its urgent drums that are smooth and silky and serene synth work, it's one for peak time techno cruising.
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 in stock $14.07
Static Flow EP
Static Flow EP (12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: EOV 002. Rel: 04 Feb 20
  1. Lifeforms (6:19)
  2. Grainhive (5:38)
  3. Laura's Lodge (6:06)
  4. Swarm Align (7:23)
Intérprete: M50
 in stock $11.95
Fiction (12")
Cat: LUPP 020. Rel: 01 Dec 04
  1. Fiction
  2. Psychological
  3. Tension
 in stock $10.36
Illusion (12")
Cat: ARTS 023. Rel: 04 Nov 16
  1. Illusion (8:27)
  2. Indemnify (6:37)
  3. Sword Play (6:50)
  4. Sword Play (Shlomo remix) (5:48)
 in stock $10.09
Pontape Remixes
Cat: DC 108. Rel: 05 Jun 13
  1. Pontape 2013 (remake)
  2. Pontape 2013 (Alan Fitzpatrick remix - remake)
! low stock $10.36
36 Chambers EP
Cat: SYNCRO 32. Rel: 28 Oct 19
  1. Eagle Claw (9:10)
  2. Holocaust (7:40)
Intérprete: Philippe Petit
 in stock $10.62
Kontekst (12")
Cat: KEY 017. Rel: 10 Jan 20
  1. Kontekst (5:42)
  2. Set It (5:19)
  3. Toad (5:15)
  4. Pulse (4:40)
 in stock $10.09
Opacity (HVL mix)
Opacity (HVL mix) (limited 12" in embossed sleeve)
Cat: TESUJI 4. Rel: 05 Apr 19
  1. Opacity (7:52)
  2. Opacity (HVL Reinterpretation) (7:30)
Review: Dead Fader jumps from Kimochi Sound over to Tesuji with a rolling, dreamy, euphoric rendition of future electro. Essential, optimistic, forward-thinking. On the other side, Bassiani's HVL flips the beat on its head for more ominous perspective, complete with klaxon acid line and sinewy breakbeats.
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Intérprete: M50
 in stock $14.34
Reconcile EP (incl. Palms Trax remix)
Cat: FINALCHAPTER 005. Rel: 26 May 15
  1. Sean Dixon - "Reconcile" (7:22)
  2. Sean Dixon - "Reconcile" (Palms Trax remix) (6:38)
  3. John Barera - "Black Snake" (6:26)
  4. John Barera - "Space Station" (7:18)
Review: Final Chapter was started in 2013 by Stockholm's Sean Dixon, along with support from Perseus Traxx. A label which is happy to let the music do the talking, Final Chapter is now on it's fifth release, and shows no sign of being prepared to letting the book close. The journey of Detroit and Chicago influenced house and techno continues on this release as label head Sean Dixon presents an EP split between himself and Boston's John Barera, who's previous releases outside of his own label, Supply Records, have issues fourth on Soul Clap and Dolly, as well as Steffi's Panorama Bar Mix CD on Ostgut Ton. Remix duties come courtesy of Berlin based producer, Palms Trax, who's first outing was in 2013 on Lobster Theramin.
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Intérprete: Sean Dixon, Nicuri, ASOK
 in stock $1.06
Bonzai Power Vinyl 1
Bonzai Power Vinyl 1 (limited gatefold double 7")
Cat: BCV 2020010BLACK. Rel: 04 Jun 20
  1. DJ Bountyhunter - "Demilitarized Zone" (extended mix) (5:07)
  2. Phrenetic System - "Reality" (6:54)
  3. Belgica Wave - "The Wave" (5:31)
  4. Final Analyzis - "El Punto Final" (Petrofinal mix) (4:33)
 in stock $26.03
High Speed Wind EP
Cat: TTT 083. Rel: 17 Apr 20
  1. Track 1 (5:04)
  2. Track 2 (3:26)
  3. Track 3 (6:20)
  4. Track 4 (7:23)
  5. Track 5 (2:37)
  6. Track 6 (4:12)
  7. Track 7 (0:28)
 in stock $14.07
Mindscapes (12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: MNQ 138. Rel: 27 Aug 20
  1. Aiws (feat Aloth) (5:57)
  2. Corsa Contro Il Tempo (7:28)
  3. Mindscapes (feat Aloth) (4:09)
  4. La Crudelta Delle Grandi Citta (6:48)
 in stock $13.55
Security (hand-numbered white vinyl 12" in spray-painted sleeve limited to 200 copies (comes in different coloured sleeve we cannot guarantee which one you will recieve))
Cat: KIMOCHI 33. Rel: 17 Sep 18
  1. Ciphertext (6:33)
  2. Wonwah (6:34)
  3. MK650 (6:13)
  4. Hotsauce (5:06)
  5. Lag Down (5:49)
Review: Building on his very sexy works for the Borft weirdos, Jon Doppler's Security is a meeting of Sued's minimal funk sound and the post-acid house trip of early Rephlex. The elasticized acid of Ciphertext, the skanky dub of Wonwah, and the mammoth low end of Lag Down all propel from below, while the swollen synthwork on Hot Sauce and showstopping MK650 inspire from above. These are late, late night jams that growl ominously in the bassbins, enhancing the foggy atmosphere and begging you to stay for one last dance.
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 in stock $15.92
Swurlk EP
Swurlk EP (12")
Cat: BBB 006. Rel: 10 Jun 20
  1. Swurlk (Snarlfingercroak mix) (5:20)
  2. Evenhark (6:22)
  3. Swarm (5:33)
Review: Last time we heard from Stian "EOD" Gjevik in December 2017, he was gathering together the best of his self-released material for a fine compilation on WeMe (the must-have EODS). Here, the sometime Rephlex artist delivers his first EP of unheard tracks since 2014. There's naturally much to admire, from the vintage IDM melodies, braindance acid lines and glistening analogue electronics of life-affirming opener "Swurlk (Snarlfingercroak Mix), to the full-throttle, warehouse-friendly techno-rave insanity of "Swarm". Elsewhere, he peppers a two-step influenced rhythm track with luscious chords and bubbly analogue bass on "ELCASET_TESTGROOVE" and offers a thrilling trip into classic braindance territory (the standout "Evenhark").
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Intérprete: Tagwell Woods, M50, Ali Renault
 in stock $9.55
Echo Train
Cat: GRSCL 15. Rel: 04 Sep 20
  1. Elevate
  2. Catalyst
  3. Aurora
  4. Rain Impulse
  5. Cold Movement
  6. Storm
  7. Echo Train
  8. Winter Clouds
  9. Winter Clouds (Revision)
 in stock $14.61
Mantis 01
Mantis 01 (12")
Cat: DSRMTS 01. Rel: 15 May 20
  1. Hidden Place (6:58)
  2. Invisible (7:42)
  3. Radiance (6:11)
Review: Since making a name for himself on Livity Sound, Joe Baker AKA Forest Drive West has plied his wares on some seriously impressive techno labels, not least Whities, Appian Sound and Echo Chord. Now he's gone one better by joining forces with Delsin to launch a brand-new label, Mantis. This inaugural release is a smart showcase for his distinctively polyrhthmic club sound, with opener "Hidden Place" delivering a heady, mind-altering blend of broken techno rhythms, spaced-out dub techno electronics, and the kind of immersive chords that tend towards the claustrophobic. "Invisible" is a little bolder, faster and more intense rhythmically, though the musical textures and motifs surrounding it remain spaced-out, while "Radiance" is a delightful journey through techno deep space powered forwards by another distinctively off-kilter rhythm.
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! low stock $11.42
Determination (double 12")
Cat: NMW 127. Rel: 03 Dec 19
  1. Determination (7:01)
  2. Determination (Tauchen remix) (6:00)
  3. Out Of Focus (6:25)
  4. Seriousness (6:07)
  5. Seriousness (Industrialyzer remix) (6:41)
Intérprete: Maxx Rossi
 in stock $16.47
Master Builder (reissue)
Master Builder (reissue) (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: TRESOR 32. Rel: 10 Apr 19
  1. Master Builder (3:32)
  2. Master Builder (Sandman Option) (4:04)
  3. Quartz (6:29)
Review: The unstoppable techno juggernaut himself, Robert Hood is back on Tresor with some of that minimal machine music he basically defined back in the 90s. "Master Builder" is a masterclass in proper minimal techno, using a thrifty set of tools to make for utterly immersive, time-slipping techno. The subtly shifted "Sandman Option" mix of the track moves the position of the looping bleeps to create a different groove around the steadfast kick - juggling the two could be a lot of fun for creative DJs. Providing a different flavour on the flip, "Quartz" brings some bolder synth strokes into the mix, winding up with the quintessential Detroit track.
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 in stock $9.29
05A1 (Cassy & Bambounou Remixes)
Cat: ITJRMX 02. Rel: 22 Oct 19
  1. 05B1 (Cassy remix) (6:32)
  2. 05B1 (Bambounou remix) (6:23)
Review: Enigmatic Berlin collective Italojohnson are still going strong, with this throwback to their 2012 underground classic "05A1" getting a couple of mad percussive reworks by some of their favourite producers. First up is former Panorama Bar resident and Kwench label boss Cassy, who serves up the deep down and dirty bounce of her rework, followed by Parisian enfant terrible Bambounou who adds his signature touch to the mix - this is one serious techno banger that's made to play!
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Intérprete: Doc Martin
 in stock $10.62
NEOACID 06 (12")
Cat: NEOACID 06. Rel: 24 Aug 20
  1. Morpheus (5:58)
  2. Fallen (5:45)
  3. Trave (5:57)
  4. Knowledge Of The Past (6:30)
 in stock $12.48
Plastic Dreams (Nicole Moudaber remixes)
Cat: REN 250005V. Rel: 23 Jan 20
  1. Plastic Dreams (Nicole Moudaber Renaissance remix) (9:05)
  2. Plastic Dreams (Nicole Moudaber Passion Runs Deep remix) (7:53)
Review: Jaydee's Plastic Dreams is a stone cold classic of the dance music canon. It's a timeless, hard to define track with a real sense of darkness that also gets the club pumping. These days, Nicole Moudaber serves up similar styles, so is a wise choice to remix it. She does so for the legendary Renaissance label here, not once but twice. The original is a subtle variation that layers in a little modern bass weight and a somewhat tribal feel, while he second offering is a little more brave, with a broken beat and deep techno feel that still comes with the original's haunting synths.
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 in stock $11.15
The Tracking System
Cat: ACOLOUR 017. Rel: 09 Oct 19
  1. Section Two (5:14)
  2. The Tracking System (5:40)
 in stock $14.61
Palace Of Nothing
Palace Of Nothing (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: TCST 01. Rel: 16 Feb 15
  1. PON One
  2. PON Two
  3. PON Three
  4. PON Four
Review: KANGAROO SKULL is the solo project of Rohan Rebeiro - drummer of renowned Australian trio MY DISCO. Heavily percussive and rhythmically complex, KANGAROO SKULL meticulously pieces together soundscapes within Max MSP, with an end result that conceals in its raw simplicity the intensity of the process. With multiple tours outside Australia already behind him, Australian dancefloors have been keenly awaiting a first release. PALACE OF NOTHING is his much-anticipated debut - four tracks that convey a sophistication far beyond what could be expected from such a new producer.
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 in stock $7.43
Mechanism (clear vinyl 12")
Cat: ECLLTD 011. Rel: 27 Feb 20
  1. Flowing Return (6:52)
  2. Flowing Return (Claudio PRC remix) (6:48)
  3. Temporary Suspension (7:23)
  4. Temporary Suspension (Wrong Assessment remix) (5:51)
 in stock $11.95
Innovator (2xCD)
Cat: TMT 2XI. Rel: 05 Oct 11
  1. Strings Of The Strings Of Life
  2. Another Kaos Beyond Kaos
  3. Freestyle
  4. A Rest/Beyond Kaos
  5. The Dance
  6. Spaced Out
  7. Daymares It Is What It Is
  8. Some More Spaced Out
  9. Beyond The Dance (The Cult Mix)
  10. Feel Surreal Ends The Feel Surreal
  11. R Theme
  12. Emanon Begins
  13. Sinister
  14. The End
  15. To Be Or Not To Be
  16. Icon (Montage mix)
  17. Phantom
  18. Kaotic Harmony
  19. Phantom Lurks
  20. Salsa Life
  21. Nude Photo
  22. The Beginning
  23. A Relic Long Ago
  24. Drama
  25. Emanon Ends
  26. Winter On The Blvd
  27. Strings Of Life
  28. Dreams Of Dreamers
  29. Wiggin (Juan mix)
 in stock $15.40
Feel It Out EP
Cat: MANUCCI 007. Rel: 07 Jul 14
  1. Feel It Out
  2. Raptor
  3. Raptor (Will Berridge remix)
Review: In addition to his work as one half of Mista Men, London via Doncaster producer Ryan Aitchison has been making solo moves under his Mella Dee guise these past few years with appearances in all the right places (think Wolf Music, Shabby Doll and Sccucci Manucci). In fact Mella Dee's featured on two of the latter label's releases so it's little surprise to find the producer popping up on the affiliated Manucci's Mistress operation. The Feel It Out EP sits snugly between house, techno and bass music with the lead cut featuring a rather vicious sub bass line and some superb vocal edits, whilst "Raptor" opts for a moodier UKG meets snapping techno flex. Do check the smudged out bass refix from Will Berridge too.
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 in stock $6.64
Bullets Number 3
  1. Neuronphase - "It's Yr Groove" (6:18)
  2. Madis Puuraid - "Teramachi" (6:26)
  3. Aiwa - "Wakeywalk" (3:15)
  4. Ruutu Poiss - "Mjau" (6:45)
  5. Neuronphase - "I Have None" (6:35)
Intérprete: Agnostic Rhythm
 in stock $12.48
Singularity: Second Coming
Singularity: Second Coming (hand-numbered cassette + MP3 download code limited to 50 copies)
Cat: XIMG 013. Rel: 04 Sep 20
  1. Coping With Providence (7:33)
  2. Chaos Reigns (4:43)
  3. Singularity - Second Coming (5:45)
  4. Above The Heads Of A Fearful World (4:08)
  5. Cruciform Shapes & Semiconducting Blades (5:10)
  6. Black Magic Ordnance (5:47)
 in stock $7.97
Angular Momentum
Cat: FE 033. Rel: 10 Jul 20
  1. Angular Momentum (5:21)
  2. Anti Horizon (5:38)
  3. Downtown Decay (4:30)
  4. Metric Wavetable (5:38)
  5. Multipolar Scenarios (6:06)
  6. Parallel Antiverse (6:56)
  7. Servilius Casca (7:03)
  8. Shadow Catchers (5:11)
 in stock $38.22
KALAMAR 03 (12")
Cat: KALAMAR 03. Rel: 23 Jul 20
  1. Pain Beurre - "Chernobyl" (7:30)
  2. Pain Beurre - "WormHole FeedBack" (5:44)
  3. Rozalind - "Within Cells Interlinked" (6:21)
  4. Foggy - "Chi Cancri" (7:08)
 in stock $11.15
Byron's Theme
Cat: RADIANTLOVE 001. Rel: 17 Mar 20
  1. Byrons Theme (9:43)
  2. Estrel Nights (8:16)
  3. Byrons Theme (Priori Ex-Terrestial remix) (9:31)
Intérprete: Jane FItz
 in stock $11.15
Psykofuk (12")
Cat: DCLX 007. Rel: 10 May 10
  1. Psykofuk
  2. Psykofuk (mix 2)
 in stock $11.95
Detroit Love Vol 1
Detroit Love Vol 1 (mixed CD)
Cat: PEDL 1CD. Rel: 18 May 18
  1. Soulphiction - "Ann Arbor"
  2. Craig Sherrad - "The Fader"
  3. Remote Viewing Party - "410"
  4. Delano Smith - "They're Coming"
  5. Motor City Drum Ensemble - "Raw Cuts" (Marcellus Pittman remix)
  6. Burning Bridges - "System"
  7. Gary Martin - "Galaxy Style"
  8. Ken Young - "Honey Chords"
  9. Ataxia - "TIme"
  10. DJ 3000 - "Delray"
  11. Sawlin - "Wired Everything"
  12. Chicola - "Sidechain Memory"
  13. MOTUO - "Purple Pulse"
  14. Burning Bridges - "Low Down"
  15. Gary Martin - "We Get Down" (12 Inch mix)
  16. Patrice Scott - "Detroit State Of Mind"
Review: Recently Planet E founder Carl Craig joined forces with Studio K7 to launch Detroit Love, a new label that takes its name from the techno veteran's touring party. To kick things off, Craig asked Motor City veteran Stacey Pullen to lay down a mix that encapsulated the Detroit spirit. In practice, that means a Michigan-heavy tracklist, with rolling, futurist techno, deep house and tech-tinged house cuts from the likes of Craig Sherrad, Delano Smith, Burning Bridges, Patrice Scott and Gary Martin being joined by similarly-minded cuts from international artists (see Soulphiction's fine opening track and Marcellus Pittman's legendary remix of Motor City Drum Ensemble's "Raw Cuts"). Pullen plays around with tempo and intensity throughout, but it's the inherent rawness and sci-fi feel of Detroit music that shines through.
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 in stock $11.95
Kontrol (12")
Cat: KEY 019. Rel: 03 Jul 20
  1. Keine Wahrnehmung (7:06)
  2. Melting Chords (6:42)
  3. Unconventional Hate (6:49)
  4. The Last Sunrise (7:00)
 in stock $10.09
White Light Monochrome EP
White Light Monochrome EP (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: RR 002. Rel: 26 Jan 15
  1. White Light Monochrome
  2. Space Ranger
  3. Transponder
  4. Mechanical Music Menace
Review: Radioactive Man on Reinhardt! Lead track "White Light Monochrome" channels a mechanical rhythm, with a tip of the hat to electronic music founders Kraftwerk. Intensively building to the 3 minute plus mark, before haunting keys lead the way, descending into a cybernetic electro workout. "Future Driver Space Ranger" takes to the audio freeway, mainlined for Detroit. Imprinted with Tenniswood'S unmistakable style, finely honed snares layer up around distorted low end frequencies, coursing in a hypnotic expedition towards the outer districts. Channeling the tendencies of Bauhaus and Joy Division, the warping "Transponder" documents the ever prevalent post-punk influence within the output of Radioactive Man. In close pursuit EP closer "Mechanical Music Menace" levels the floor. Beaming into the stratosphere, live bass pulsates through the system as man and machine fuse, xylophone keys take front and centre taking us beyond the stars.
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 in stock $7.70
Poems On Healing A Broken Heart (repress)
  1. Goodbye (5:50)
  2. In My Heart (5:28)
  3. Heal Yourself (10:18)
Review: Repressed after its original release, we're talking super-emotionally charged electronic music recalling, at different moments, classic Orbital, the most euphoric hardcore breaks and the hybrid dance-chillout sound popularised during the 1990s. Forget the nostalgia trip, through, while this is grounded in - and coming out of - the ongoing classic 'rave music' revival, it's clearly born in our era.

Opening on the staggeringly confident "Goodbye", broken kicks and loose percussion brings the weight beneath one hell of an epic, slow looped string harmony, vocals crying out passionately over the top. Flip it, or skip it, to find the equally melodic but more rolling "In My Heart" (who said synthy dub techno was dead?), while closer "Heal Yourself" might be the best of the lot - beatless, blissful, indescribable noises wrapped around invisible rhythms that could just as soon open or close a club set as score your meditation.
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 in stock $11.15
Reality Used To Be A Friend Of Mine EP (repress)
Reality Used To Be A Friend Of Mine EP (repress) (transparent yellow vinyl 12")
Cat: REALITY 20191YELLO. Rel: 27 Aug 20
  1. The River Experiment II (5:32)
  2. Back Home (5:08)
  3. Reality Used To Be A Friend Of Mine (5:12)
  4. The River Experiment I (5:18)
  5. Feel What I Feel (6:05)
  6. Poem (5:53)
Review: REPRESS: Rising Sun Psyche aka Berlin's hugely prolific but somehow rather lowkey Steffen Laschinski hits an amazingly bittersweet spot on his latest offering. It combines post-rave ambient, breakbeats, IDM and deep house into a real trip. "The River Experiment II" is a dreamy opener with gorgeous synths while "Back Home" is backlit with a celestial glow of melody and spoken word snippets that add to the reverie. There's gentle minimalism in "The River Experiment I" and followed by punchy and emotive number "Feel What I Feel" amongst many other highlights.
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 in stock $11.42
Utow (12")
Cat: IT 23. Rel: 14 Apr 14
  1. Utow
  2. Can
  3. Assemblage
  4. Bows
Review: The ball of Ilian Tape keeps getting bigger and bigger and adding to it this time is new name Rupcy (our guess, a Marko Zenker alias). Chances are this record is already getting major play throughout Europe's clubs at the moment and it's likely that the A1, "Utow", is what's getting worn away most. This is because of the killer call and response combo between the bleeps and short air raid siren. With its Markus Suckut kick drum, "Can" is a dirty club track perfect for DJs looking to transition into something deeper while still wanting to remain hard-edged. On the B-side the title "Assemblage" has a slight Fachwerk ring to it, as does the crunchy hi-hats and other aggravated fizzes of the track which leads into an Aphex Twin-sounding ambient broken-beat session called "Bows".
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 in stock $9.29
Razor EP
Razor EP (12")
Cat: MTM 002. Rel: 26 Jun 19
  1. Razor (6:35)
  2. Razor (dub) (6:58)
  3. Razor (Roberto remix 1) (6:46)
  4. Razor (Roberto remix 2) (6:46)
Intérprete: Ben Sims
 in stock $10.09
Shadowline (12")
Cat: NMW 123. Rel: 09 Jul 19
  1. The Maze (6:58)
  2. Planet Noir (7:00)
  3. The Maze (Robert S (PT) remix) (5:37)
  4. Shadowline (7:28)
Intérprete: Maxx Rossi
 in stock $9.02
DJ Kicks
DJ Kicks (2xLP + mixed CD)
Cat: K7 312LP. Rel: 31 Oct 13
  1. Maps - "I Heard Them Say" (Andy Stott remix)
  2. Tempel Rytmik - "Anagrama"
  3. Axel Boman - "Klinsmann"
  4. Alex Burkat - "Shower Scene"
  5. Motor City Drum Ensemble - "Escape To Nowhere"
  6. Paradise's Deep Groove - "Innermind"
  7. Unknown - "#001"
  8. Max Mohr - "Old Song"
  9. Mara TK - "Run" (Moodymann remix)
  10. Samo DJ - "Tai Po Kau"
  11. Maps - "I Heard Them Say" (Andy Stott remix)
  12. Tempel Rytmik - "Anagrama"
  13. Axel Boman - "Klinsmann"
  14. Alex Burkat - "Shower Scene"
  15. Motor City Drum Ensemble - "Escape To Nowhere"
  16. Paradise's Deep Groove - "Innermind"
  17. Unknown - "#001"
  18. Max Mohr - "Old Song"
  19. Mara TK - "Run"
  20. Samo DJ - "Tai Po Kau"
Review: John Talabot joins the likes of Scuba, James Holden and Motor City Drum Ensemble to contribute to the long running DJ-Kicks mix series that's deftly proved there's still mileage in the commercially released Mix CD despite this podcast heavy age we live. The usual double LP edition culls ten cuts from the weighty 27 track mix which the Hivern Disc lad has described as "not an easy mix. It's quite strange". If you've seen Talabot DJ you know the Barcelona based artist digs deep and that's represented well on these ten cuts, with Andy Stott's lurching take on Maps and the similarly minded Tempel Rytmik ( the new project from Talabot and Alexander 'Genius of Time' Berg) contrasting nicely with the more effervescent house from Axel Boman, MCDE and Paradise's Deep Groove. Kudos too for the inclusion of Samo DJ's "Tai Po Kau"!
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Intérprete: Shiftee, Nowicki
 in stock $18.85
Belle Epoque
Cat: TSA 01. Rel: 20 Jan 17
  1. Ghoistly Transmission (7:36)
  2. Universal Binary (5:09)
  3. Eyes Wide Shut (7:16)
  4. Boom & Bust (3:38)
Intérprete: Philippe Petit
 in stock $10.62
Cabinet Classics 3
Cabinet Classics 3 (2xLP in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: CAB 58. Rel: 20 Dec 19
  1. Cab Drivers - "Windsor Firestation" (5:39)
  2. Brawther - "Slip N Slide" (7:17)
  3. Brudan - "In Leeds" (dub) (6:45)
  4. D.Instructed - "Whitelake" (Daniel Paul Fun'k'd dub) (5:44)
  5. DJ Honesty & Daniel Paul - "Express To Mafra" (5:53)
  6. Cab Drivers - "Mind Trip" (9:24)
  7. Cab Drivers - "1996" (4:58)
  8. Audio Werner & Daniel Paul - "Feiner Sand" (10:03)
 in stock $24.16
The Definition Of Neorave
  1. Jan Vercauteren - "Catch Me If You Can" (6:37)
  2. X&trick - "What Does That Mean" (6:14)
  3. Jacidorex - "Rotterdam Amsterdam" (4:59)
  4. Clair - "Anotherdream" (8:03)
  5. DYEN - "Strawberry" (6:13)
  6. VCL - "Energizer" (5:37)
  7. Studio Dondert - "Gabber Stanley" (6:09)
  8. Koszmar - "Virage Sud" (6:17)
 in stock $27.08
End Of Perception 001
End Of Perception 001 (heavyweight clear vinyl 12")
Cat: EOP 001. Rel: 22 Nov 19
  1. Viels - "Unexpected Theory" (7:09)
  2. Viels - "They're Lost" (7:02)
  3. Michal Wolski - "Infinity" (7:00)
  4. Michal Wolski - "Rubicon" (6:43)
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Innersense EP
Cat: 1370214130. Rel: 03 Nov 04
  1. Pure Innersense
  2. Meaning Of Life
 in stock $11.67
Gas Geben Mit Der Mofa
Cat: TEER 004. Rel: 31 Dec 18
  1. Gas Geben Mit Der Mofa (7:57)
  2. Weisste Bescheid (3:43)
  3. Battle Place (5:26)
  4. Kidnapping (5:42)
  5. Bauchfletscher (8:05)
  6. Crying Ackergaul (5:10)
Intérprete: Alexis Le-Tan
 in stock $14.34
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