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Two Weeks: Techno (All)

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Techno (All)

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Love & Light
Cat: PHLP 13CD. Rel: 27 Nov 20
  1. London Island (CD1)
  2. Dusting For Smoke
  3. Dream Distortion
  4. Katana
  5. Darlinnn
  6. Depth Wish
  7. Searing Light, Forward Motion
  8. Infinite Future
  9. After The Fire
  10. Into The Arms Of Stillness
  11. Fuzzwar
  12. Pure Life
  13. A Story In E5
  14. One More Morning
  15. Falling Light (CD2 - bonus track)
Review: In recent times Daniel Avery has been busy collaborating with the likes of Alessandro Cortini and Roman Flugel (the latter as Noun), so few expected him to drop a new solo album in 2020. Yet Love & Light, his surprise third full-length, could well be his most sonically stunning set to date. Beginning with the gaseous ambient opaqueness of 'London Island', the set sees him blaze a trail through 1990s style Sabres of Paradise/Sabresonic techno, hazy dub techno, beatless soundscapes and intense drone tones, before switching focus to deep, gentle and melodious mutations of breakbeat, IDM and electronica. The limited-edition CD also comes bundled with a bonus disc containing the music from Falling Light, a sound and vision installation he created for the 2019 Leeds International Festival.
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Pleasures That Kill
Pleasures That Kill (5xCD box set + poster + MP3 download code)
Cat: HOS 599CD. Rel: 02 Dec 20
  1. Back Lash
  2. Slave
  3. Division
  4. In-Valencia
  5. In-Tangier
  6. In-Tbilisi
  7. In-Instanbul
  8. Seconds Of Joy
  9. Skin Test
  10. Youth
  11. A1
  12. A2
  13. B1
  14. B2
  15. Disturbance (part 1)
  16. Inside The Line
  17. Viva
  18. Pala
  19. Contact
  20. Cold Steel
  21. Disturbance (part 2)
  22. Spoil
  23. Hung
  24. No Sense/No Reason
  25. My Untied Hands
  26. Surrounded By Enemies
  27. Day In Day Out
  28. Because The Night
  29. Looking Through The Eyes Of Love
  30. Drawing Me In
  31. Skin Test
  32. Role Restriction
  33. Via Hate
  34. Cally 1
  35. Cally 2
  36. Ready Made
  37. B1 Untitled
  38. A2 Untitled
  39. C2 Untitled
  40. 2000 06 06 Regis vs Female (feat Regis - unreleased)
Review: Downwards co-founder Peter Sutton has spent the last 25 years carving his own dark, heavy and intense niche within UK techno. Yet despite achieving cult status within techno circles, he has never received the wider acclaim that has rightly been bestowed upon his Birmingham contemporaries Regis and Surgeon, despite a trademark style that closely resembles theirs. Pleasures That Kill, an expansive five-disc box set that contains pretty much every track Sutton has released on Downwards and Sandwell District, is a much-needed attempt to redress the balance. Packed to the rafters with pulsating, twisted, all-action techno slammers, the set also contains an entire disc of previously unreleased music - specifically a rare recording of Sutton's 2000 live collaboration with Regis. For diehard fans, the set is worth buying for that CD alone.
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Live At Philharmonie Berlin
Cat: MACROM 63CD. Rel: 25 Nov 20
  1. Onset Trajectory
  2. Flood
  3. Merge
  4. Blind Deconvolution
  5. Neodym
  6. The Hearth
  7. Fission
  8. Caesium-133
  9. Surface Boundary
  10. Viscosity
  11. Builders
  12. Polymer
  13. Shift Invariant
Review: When Storm Festival were given the chance to program two days of electronic music performances at Berlin's legendary Philharmonie classical concert venue in February 2020, one of the first artists they signed up was Stefan Goldmann. This CD showcases his performance, which featured music specifically written to make the most of the shape and acoustics of the venue's Grand Hall. It was a performance that made the most of his noted sound design skills, moving between modular style synthesizer textures, dense ambient noise, minor key electronica, far-out mutations of minimal techno and, as the set progressed, alien soundscapes that mix fractured and occasionally intense techno rhythms with all manner of bizarre and brilliant electronic sounds.
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Two Weeks: Techno (All)