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Aufnahme + Wiedergabe Germany

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Sacred (12")
Cat: A+W XXXIII. Rel: 31 Jul 18
  1. Sacred (6:16)
  2. Crucial Instinct (4:34)
  3. Things (5:55)
  4. Hope (4:56)
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Cat: A+W XXXIV. Rel: 31 Jul 18
  1. Abuse Your Freedom (6:21)
  2. Weak People (6:42)
  3. Live In Fear Of Conflict (6:08)
  4. Denial Will Prevail (6:34)
Review: Joey Blush's releases under the Blush Response alias are getting increasingly dystopian. Abuse Your Freedom, his latest missive for longtime home Aufnahme + Wiedergabe, contains a quartet of tracks that wouldn't sound out of place sound-tracking the end of civilization. Check, for example, the thumping techno drums, restless acid lines, foreboding spoken word vocals and punchy EBM percussion hits of "Abuse Your Freedom", the fizzing lo-fi gloom of "Weak People" and the funk-fuelled Nitzer Ebb intensity of "Live in Fear of Conflict", which is so stylistically accurate that you half expect it to come with a shouty vocal from Douglas McCarthy. The excellent "Denial Will Prevail" inhibits similar sonic territory, albeit in a wilder and heavier vein.
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 in stock $10.64
  1. Annui (6:20)
  2. From The Trenches (6:01)
  3. Sleepwalking (5:05)
  4. Destruction (6:21)
 in stock $11.45
Walpern Redux (clear vinyl LP)
Cat: A+WEP 004. Rel: 10 Jul 17
  1. Walpern-Redux Part 1: Osculum Infame (Initiation)/The Great God Pan/Sabbath Visions/Osculum Infame (The Spell)/Hexenforst (19:29)
  2. Walpern-Redux Part 2: Evoking Eternity (Hexenbrennen)/Crescent/Aconitum/Atropa Belladonna (15:06)
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 in stock $14.90
The God (12")
Cat: A+W XXI. Rel: 13 Apr 18
  1. The God (5:08)
  2. The Wall (4:34)
  3. Exhalation (5:18)
  4. The End (4:55)
Intérprete: Another_Swede
 in stock $11.70
Cat: A+W XXII. Rel: 15 May 18
  1. Descender (5:06)
  2. Active Measures (6:18)
  3. Plasma (6:01)
  4. Object Of Subversion (6:01)
Intérprete: Choronzon
 in stock $10.38
Cat: A+W XXV. Rel: 31 Jul 18
  1. Endless Blight (Stray Bullets mix) (6:32)
  2. Endless Blight (Lawlessness mix) (6:10)
  3. Skid Row (5:35)
  4. Slumlord (6:01)
Review: Five years on from debuting the Mass-X-Odus alias, Brooklyn techno veteran Adam 'X' Mitchell returns with more end-of-days industrial techno. On the A-side you'll find two distinctive versions of thought-provoking workout "Endless Blight": the nagging, post-apocalyptic stomp of the Stray Bullets Mix, and the EBM-esque Lawlessness Mix, a mind-melting affair that features rhythmic spoken word vocals from the man himself. Over on the flip, "Skid Row" sees the Berlin-based veteran wrap discordant electronics and powernoise motifs around a skewed electro beat, while "Slumlord" is a particularly weighty and distorted slab of 4/4 techno intensity.
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Dead Body (12")
Cat: A&W VIII. Rel: 20 Sep 16
  1. Crush (5:03)
  2. Threat (3:56)
  3. Dead City Central (5:34)
  4. Rule (4:08)
Intérprete: Alexey Volkov
 in stock $10.64
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Aufnahme + Wiedergabe Germany
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