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Jazz Recommends Jazz April 2023

Juno Recommends Jazz

Juno Recommends Jazz

Jazz Recommends Jazz April 2023
5 Apr 2023
Journey In Satchidananda (6:30)
Shiva-Loka (6:33)
Stopover Bombay (2:51)
Something About John Coltrane (9:37)
Isis & Osiris (11:32)
Review: Journey in Satchidananda was the fourth solo album by Alice Coltrane and it might be her best-known work. Some of the tunes here were recorded live at the Village Gate while the rest were recorded at her home studio in Dix Hills in New York, and all of them were released in 1971. The album has grown ever more mythical in status and store since then with its transcendental spiritual jazz sounds with layered-up bells, tambourine, tanpura and more into a sound that leans heavily on Coltrane's love of Middle Eastern and North African music and culture. Earthy, bluesy, steeped in musical mantra and utterly absorbing, it's one of the most enthralling records of the era.
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Cat: B 0036213. Rel: 27 Mar 23
Black Meditation (4:01)
Call It A European Paradox (3:30)
Ital Is Vital (4:41)
Memories Don't Live Like People Do (1:40)
Ritual Awakening (1:33)
Explore Inner Space (6:15)
The Dimension Of Subtle Awareness (4:30)
Rebirth (1:46)
Review: A saxophonist at the pinnacle of his game, Shabaka Hutchings presents 'Afrikan Culture, on which he explores the rich musical traditions of the African continent and combines them with contemporary, self-affirming themes. Remarkably for how well-touted his name is, this is Hutchings' first ever solo LP, bringing it to the masses under the name Shabaka (following on the smash success of Sons Of Kemet and The Comet Is Coming). It's a stunning, existential album which not only pays tribute to the Afrofuturist greats who precede him, but which, of course, looks squarely into the eyes of Afroftuture that will come after him.
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 in stock $23.79
One Finger Snap (7:21)
Oliloqui Valley (8:25)
Cantaloupe Island (5:29)
The Egg (14:10)
Review: Blue Note's Classic Vinyl Series turns its focus to the one and only Herbie Hancock here for another superb reissue that will keep the jazz heads happy. His long player Empyrean Isles landed in 1964 as his fourth overall. For this one Hancock linked up with his Miles Davis bandmates including Ron Carter on bass and Tony Williams on drums with Freddie Hubbard also on board with his trusty trumpet. The record works through hard bop and modal as well as plenty of soulful jazz sounds and is another standout in Hancock's discography.
 in stock $25.91
We The People Who Are Darker Than Blue (5:32)
Home Is Where The Hatred Is (4:42)
My People Hold On (5:28)
You Haven't Done Nothin' (4:38)
The Creator Has A Master Plan (6:54)
Sing Of The Times (4:43)
Wade In The Water (5:08)
The World Is A Ghetto (6:07)
Review: One of the greatest soul voices working in the US today, Billy Valentine's latest release, first plotted out in the summer of 2020, sees the artist responding to the chaos of a global pandemic and the seismic impact of George Floyd's murder via legendary works from Curtis Mayfield, Gil Scot Heron and Pharaoh Sanders. In collaboration with acclaimed producer and songwriter, Bob Thiele Jr. (son of Flying Dutchman founder, Bob Thiele), Valentine's rich, velvety vocals breathe new life into these already-powerful tracks, bringing them into the contemporary political context with renewed urgency. Released on Acid Jazz in partnership with renowned US label Flying Dutchman, Valentine's latest output marks the first new music from the label since the '70s - a momentous return for a keystone tastemaker of the American jazz world.
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Cat: BOO 3717601. Rel: 27 Mar 23
To Remain/To Return (9:02)
Haseen Thi (11:57)
Shadow Forces (13:59)
Sajni (8:01)
Eyes Of The Endless (14:12)
Sharabi (13:27)
Review: Following up 2021's acclaimed Vulture Prince, Pakistini American singer Arooj Aftab collaborates with jazz pianist Vijay Iyer and Shahzad Ismaily on synths to present a striking exercise in dramatic, atmospheric composition. Aftab's voice remains the centre of a creative groupthink which began in 2018, and here the musical ornamentation is turned down to a simmer, eschewing percussion in favour of ambient pastures. There's also space for Iyer and Ismaily to stretch out on their own, but ultimately this is Aftab's vehicle and her voice goes from strength to strength on this standout record.
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Cat: MOVLP 3396. Rel: 03 Apr 23
Lansana's Priestress (7:36)
Miss Kane (6:22)
Sister Love (6:11)
Street Lady (5:38)
Witch Hunt (9:38)
Woman Of The World (6:51)
Review: Donald Byrd's Street Lady was released originally in 1973, and at that point the American great had already penned some 20 odd albums. But the 70s marked his move into the funkier side of things and to this day, this album remains one of his most widely loved and important. It's a rich source of samples for a wide range of artists and the opening tune was used smartly by Detroit great Theo Parrish, while tunes like 'Miss Kane' and 'Sister Love' are still huge. Street Lady is as iconic now as it was back first time around with the same going for the experimental sounds of 'Witch Hunt, while 'Woman Of The World' ends on a gentle, euphoric stride.
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Cat: LVLM 077VAR. Rel: 03 Apr 23
Steppin' (0:30)
Azucar (6:12)
Tobasco (4:28)
Rudy's Way (5:20)
Nealization (8:13)
Arruga De Agua (4:13)
Turn It Out (9:22)
Arruga De Agua (reprise) (0:57)
Uncle Jr (11:17)
So Live (11:31)
Review: Soulive's Turn It Out gets a first-ever reissue here. It was their second album and another super fusion of soul, jazz and funk featuring John Scofield, Oteil Burbridge and Sam Kininger. The trip of talented musicians bled majestic melodic guitar sounds with Jimmy Smith-influenced organ playing and super tight drum grooves. This version has been remastered for this reissue by Alan Evans and comes with new artwork and unseen photos from the recording sessions making it a real collectors' piece that comes on both orange and black wax.
out of stock $53.39
Cat: JAZZR 022. Rel: 27 Mar 23
Ain't Tell You A Good Way But (3:31)
Check Out Your Mind (5:14)
Ain't Funky Now (4:31)
What's Going On (4:39)
Sham Time (5:12)
Greasy Spoon (5:41)
Dock Of The Bay (5:51)
Review: Japanese jazz great Takehiro Honda began his career with a series of classical hard-bop albums and ended it with a swathe of fine fusion sets. Sandwiched in between you'll find a series of excursions into different sides of the jazz spectrum, including this rare - and genuinely brilliant - set of instrumental and soul-jazz tracks recorded with the assistance of a big-band style 'jazz orchestra'. With Honda's killer keys-work (both on piano and organ) at the centre of the action, the assembled collective dashes between energetic run-throughs of original compositions ('Ain't Tell You A Good Way But', 'Ain't Funky Now') and some genuinely killer covers. In the latter category you'll find a thrilling rendition of Curtis Mayfield's 'Check Out Your Mind', a deep and emotive take on Marvin Gaye's 'What's Going On', and a life-affirming interpretation of Otis Redding's 'Sitting on the Dock of the Bay'.
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out of stock $38.60
Cat: MRBLP 266. Rel: 20 Mar 23
Luar Do Sertao (3:08)
Sonho No Ceu (1:54)
Meu Balanco (3:18)
Lady Samba (2:07)
Apenas Um Coracao Solitario (2:56)
Jael (2:50)
Walking (3:03)
Satiricon (2:37)
Carmen (1:56)
Meiguice (2:22)
Petit Fils (Pour Pablito) (2:41)
Zoraia (3:21)
Review: Mr. Bongo takes us back to the release of Waltel Blanco's jazz-funk masterwork, 'Meu Balanco', first released in 1995. Noted for its accumulation of Blanco's various skills picked up over the course of his years as a session musician in Brazil - for the likes of Marcos Valle and Elis Regina, to name a few - this LP is a rollicking instrumental ride, just as suitable for film soundtracking as it is for home listening. Many-an electric piano, bass lick and buzzing horn cement the vibe of the boom in Latin cinema at the time of its release.
 in stock $20.09
Intro (0:46)
Buanuara (5:25)
Alaji (3:44)
Salhe (1:38)
Nemeit (5:05)
Fazani (4:59)
Is Tikhbar/Ghitta/Alaji (11:11)
Djerbi/M'rabaa/Buanuara (22:01)
Nemeit/Hayadanumuyama/Fazani (18:05)
Review: Legendary jazz man and truly free spirited musical maestro Don Cherry joined up with Swiss pianist and composer George Gruntz and his group in Tunisia and Germany in May and September 1969 to record this. It brings together two powerhouses with North-African flavoured deep jazz results featuring piano, cornet, flute and celeste mixed up with various different reeds players as well as a selection of traditional instruments such as the bendir, ney, bagpipes, tabla and darbouka. It all adds up to a mesmerising and trance inducing ritual of jazz magic.
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 in stock $28.28
Fuchsia Swing Song
Downstairs Blues Upstairs
Cyclic Episode
Luminous Monolith
Review: It is always a pleasure to sink into the welcoming jazz waters of Sam Rivers and take a trip with him downstream. His Fuchsia Swing Sing album has had the full Classic Vinyl Series treatment here from original label Blue Note so it comes on nice audiophile 180g vinyl with a full and new remastering job. It's the debut album from Rivers, a saxophonist of striking originality who offered up his sound fully formed right from the off here. It came originally in 1964 and has a fine avant-garde sound with the stunning ballad 'Beatrice' a real highlight.
 in stock $25.91
Cat: ALBFLP 012. Rel: 27 Mar 23
Fool Me Once (8:51)
The Grip (3:53)
Sound & Reason (5:09)
Electric Highway (2:08)
Haven't You Heard (8:52)
Vahgerah (3:47)
In Your Own Words (7:39)
Review: Alberts Favourites have the honour of releasing Qwalia's debut album 'Sound And Reason' this March, and what a debut it is too. The now London based quartet is lead by drummer Yusuf Ahmed and takes in inspirations from the likes of old masters and peers alike. It is a group composed of musicians who play with the likes of Joy Crooks and David Byrne, Cat Stevens and Frank Ocean and includes Tal Janes on guitars and vocals, bass from Ben Reed and Joseph Costi on keys. The sound palette is lush and rich, with spiritualism and complex grooves sweeping you off your feet.
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Cat: 489676 4. Rel: 27 Mar 23
To Remain/To Return
Haseen Thi
Shadow Forces
Eyes Of The Endless
Review: Pakistani-American singer Arooj Aftab has consistently used her albums as a vehicle for musical experimentation, often wrapping her distinctive vocals (often delivered in urdu) in progressively minimalistic arrangements that seem to get more ethereal and becalmed with each successive release. On 'Love in Exile', her latest album, Aftab is joined by two frequent collaborators in largely improvised sessions: jazz pianist Vijay Iver and synthesiser player (and electronics wizard) Shahzad Ismaily. The results are frequently mesmerising and breathtakingly brilliant, with Aftab's haunting vocals rising above ambient, beat-free soundscapes that cannily combine suspenseful, slow-burn basslines, evocative chords and ghostly electronic textures with the twinkling, yearning piano motifs. It's a genuinely beguiling and brilliant sound that should appeal to both open-minded jazz heads and ambient enthusiasts.
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 in stock $13.22
Cat: IMRC 61LP. Rel: 27 Mar 23
Jazz Is Merely The Negroes Cry Of Joy & Suffering (1:02)
Introit - Joy N' Suff' (3:35)
Jazz Is The Musical Expression Of The Triumph Of The Negroes Spirit (1:12)
Kyrie Eleison - Lawd Hav' Merci (5:00)
This Endless Repetition Is Like A Chain Around The Spirit. And Is A Reflection Of The Denial Of A Future To The Negro In The American Way Of Life (1:10)
Dias Ire - Chain Around The Spirit (3:54)
Another Restraining Factor In Jazz Are The Changes (0:43)
Tuba Mirum - The Changes (3:06)
The Negro Experiences The Endless Daily Humiliation Of American Life Which Bequeaths Him A Futureless Future (1:22)
Rex Tremendae - Futureless Future (2:38)
The Negro Transforms America's Image Of Him Into A Transport Of Joy! (1:33)
Recordare - Recall The Joy (2:06)
Jazz Reflects The Improvised Life Thrust Upon The Negro (1:38)
Confutatis - Repression (3:46)
Through Spirituals, Through The Blues, Then Through Jazz We Made A Memory Of Our Past And A Promise Of All To Come (2:12)
Lacrimosa - Weeping Our Lady Of Sorrow (2:45)
Because Jazz Is The One Element In American Life Where Whites Must Be Humble To The Negro (1:27)
Offerturium Hostias - Humility (3:42)
Only When Whites Have Paid The Price In Suffering To Be The Negroes Equal (0:40)
Sanctus - Holy, Holy, Holy (2:15)
The Jazz Body Is Dead But The Spirit Of Jazz Is Alive (0:40)
Agnus Dei - Jazz Is Dead! (2:07)
Lux Aeterna - Eternal Light (Angel Bat Dawid)/The Cry Of Jazz (Sun Ra) (5:36)
Long Tone For Rayna Golding (A Binti Zawadi Our Future) (2:40)
out of stock $23.00
Cat: MOVLP 3149B. Rel: 13 Mar 23
My Funny Valentine (2:33)
I Get A Kick Out Of You (2:56)
All Of Me (2:09)
Love & Marriage (2:39)
You Make Me Feel So Young (2:57)
Night & Day (4:02)
The Lady Is A Tramp (3:17)
Come Fly With Me (3:20)
April In Paris (2:52)
Saturday Night (Is The Loneliest Night Of The Week) (1:56)
A Fine Romance (2:13)
I've Got You Under My Skin (3:33)
Bewitched (3:01)
Swinging On A Star (2:55)
Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words) (with Count Basie) (2:26)
It Was A Very Good Year (4:27)
That's Life (3:10)
Strangers In The Night (2:37)
All Or Nothing At All (4:00)
Somethin' Stupid (with Nancy Sinatra) (2:41)
Sunny (feat Duke Ellington) (4:13)
The Girl From Ipanema (with Antonio Carlos Jobim) (3:15)
Both Sides Now (2:56)
My Way (4:39)
For A While (3:09)
Send In The Clowns (4:13)
Bad, Bad Leroy Brown (2:53)
Theme From New York, New York (3:28)
It Had To Be You (3:57)
LA Is My Lady (with Quincy Jones) (3:15)
Mack The Knife (with Quincy Jones) (4:54)
 in stock $36.48
Cat: ACL 0087. Rel: 27 Mar 23
The Creator Has A Master Plan (24:27)
Colors (14:24)
Review: A true icon of jazz saxophone, Pharoah Sanders' 1969 album, Karma, is central to the artist's impressive oeuvre. A key player in the growth of the spiritual and free jazz movements through his involvement in John Coltrane's groups of the mid-1960s, Audio Clarity have ensured Sander's treasured work is granted a much-needed re-release. Featuring two gloriously layered twenty minute pieces - 'The Creator Has A Master Plan' on the A-side and 'Colors' on B -, these tracks showcase the distinctive sound that came to define Pharoah Sanders, crafted from an array of inventive technique such as overblowing, harmonic, and multiphonic methods, as well as his use of 'sheets of sound' and non-Western percussion. Described by fellow saxophonist Ornette Coleman as "probably the best tenor player in the world", this is undoubtedly a keystone record for any jazz-lover's collection.
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out of stock $19.56
Hide & Seek (4:09)
A Sun Shower Parade (5:03)
Grief For Enka (3:12)
Nio & Pigeon (5:06)
When A Swan Goes To Sleep (3:31)
Stream Of The Sumida River (3:07)
Dedications To The Humble Prayer (2:23)
Adult's Day (9:24)
out of stock $49.43
Cat: 487380 9. Rel: 20 Mar 23
You Shall Plant A Tree (4:20)
Unquestioned Answer - Charles Ives In Memoriam (5:46)
Spring (4:01)
Kingdom Of Coldness (7:29)
Communion Psalm (5:33)
The Red Flower (6:19)
Ky & Beautiful Madame Ky (4:42)
Valsette Op 40/1 (5:08)
You Shall Plant A Tree (Variation) (3:52)
out of stock $22.19
Cat: GONDLP 061. Rel: 03 Apr 23
The Spinner (7:12)
Riser (6:07)
Nightingale (6:41)
Kernel (6:01)
Dimu (intro) (3:11)
Dimu (6:47)
Deep Within Mountains (8:19)
Labyrinth (7:02)
Kai (7:42)
Sleeping Bear (5:59)
 in stock $39.92
Cat: TDP 54100. Rel: 03 Apr 23
Gandalf's Travels (5:00)
Ornette's Concept (2:28)
Ornette's Tune (2:39)
St John & The Dragon (2:03)
Efeler (2:22)
Anadolu Havasi (2:03)
The Discovery Of Bhupala (4:42)
Water Boy (1:22)
Yaz Geldi (3:08)
Tamzara (1:35)
Kara Deniz (0:36)
Kocekce (0:49)
Man On The Moon (2:48)
The Creator Has A Masterplan (6:16)
Two Flutes (3:15)
Review: Trading Places reissues a rare live recording of the legendary jazz trumpeter Don Cherry, captured in Ankara in 1969. Accompanied by Turkish musicians Irfan Sumer, Selcuk Sun and Okay Temiz, Cherry explores his original compositions and adaptations of local folk songs, as well as tunes by Ornette Coleman and Pharoah Sanders. A fascinating fusion of tradition and experimentation, this album is a treasure for jazz lovers, capturing a moment of transnational future-dreaming. Cherry laid down its original recording in the Turkish-US Embassy, after spending months learning the ways of traditional Turkish folk music - 'the mother' - with saxophonist Bernt Rosengren.
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 in stock $19.30
Cat: PTNC 003. Rel: 03 Apr 23
Cascata Di Malbacco (24:13)
Sant'Anna (23:18)
Review: From his past credits as an accomplished session musician John Carroll Kirby has smoothly transitioned into his own field of recorded work. A recent run of stellar LPs for Stones Throw is being followed up with a reissue of this highly sought after work for Patience, originally released in 2019 and already a big hitter on the second hand market. Made up of two extended piano studies, it's a truly soothing, escapist record to take you far away from the daily grind, clothed in stunning artwork and worth every penny. This latest print run isn't likely to hang around for long, so don't delay if you love long form ivory tinkling played by a true maestro.
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out of stock $25.36
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